Where I’ve Been This Week

Apologies for the light posting this past week, but I’ve had my hands full! My brother Earl and sis-in-law Chrysi left for 10 days to go on an Alaskan cruise, courtesy of Mom & Dad. Thus, their three darling kiddos needed somewhere to crash! Last Friday, I went over to my folks’ house to help out. I ended up taking Amelia (age: 2) home with me on Saturday, and she stayed until Monday. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get any pictures of her and Jude together, but really, we were just so busy with the two of them together. I give a BIG high five to ALL mothers of more-than-one. Jude seems like a piece of cake after having two the same age!

Let’s see, what else — oh, Monday. Amelia went back to Mom & Dad’s, along with her siblings, who were at the Loper house. Simon came down with a delightful case of double-whammy pink eye (in both eyes). That night, it was a birthday dinner for his mom at their house. Tuesday — Mother’s Day Out! Yay! Errands galore.

Wednesday, I went back out to Mom and Dad’s to help with the kids again. Mom and I decided to take them out to Pops in Arcadia. It was a semi-disaster, in that it was Jude’s naptime and he was mega sad, and then we had to wait 30 minutes to get a table, and at least another 30 minutes to get our food. After two hours, 5 orders of fries, 4 kids, 3 bottles of red soda, and 1 sleeping baby later, we were out the door and on the way to Noah’s piano lesson. They were all such good kids!

Thursday was Omniplex day! I met Mom & Dad and all 3 kids plus Jude out there, and we had a blast.

The gymnastics hall of fame section was definitely the fave for all the kids!

Ok, whew. I am exhausted just reliving all of this here! I’ll be back to normal posting asap!


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