But what will I wear?

When it comes down to the 10 year high school reunion, it really boils down to what am I going to wear? Especially if that last 10 pounds doesn’t come off as planned? I say this with tongue in cheek; it’s really not like a life-and-death or world peace kind of matter. But I like clothes and I like putting things together, so it’s on my mind as August approaches.
I still don’t really know what all I’m going to wear. We have three events: a dinner on Friday night (no kids) and then a breakfast the following morning in the alumni room at the school, and a family-centric lunch at a park. We went to Dallas this weekend and I casually looked at some dresses for the Friday night dinner, but I think I’m going to end up in this one dress I’ve had for a couple of years. I feel pretty in it, and it’s a fun yellow color.
So. That leaves Saturday. I played around on Polyvore and came up with some scenarios.
high school reunion brunch
I ended up buying that red top (above) from Anthropologie this weekend and I love love love it. It’s a top I wish I had in every color. I think I was inspired subconsciously by this picture from that last fashion post:blogredgirlAnd I say subconsciously because I *never* buy red, really. But man, love that girl, love her hair, love her dress, love love love.
Proving that I am, indeed, in full mama mode, I walked around with that red top on today, with shampoo goo all over the back of it. My shampoo bottle squeezed open all over my overnight bag, and I didn’t realize until halfway through the day that I had big dots of goo on my, um, derriere. ::sigh::  Here’s the sad part: I just shrugged and figured I could get away with it because I have a kid. As if people would look at me and think, “Oh, she’s a mom. It’s probably debris from feeding her child.” Like that okays it. SAD.  Somebody save me from myself!!!  Ten years ago I would have wanted the floor to open up and swallow me if I had something riding around on my rear in public.
reunion lunch in the park
Ok, I also tried on that darling little striped top at Anthro, although it was in a blue-on-blue stripe, and I fell in love. I really adore it. I’m going to save my pennies for that one. And it would look so cute with my little straight leg dark denim capris. Nautical. But not too theme-y. Subtle Seaside. 🙂
I love clothes. I really do. It’s like an art form to me and I would love to hang dresses on the walls as if they were art. Is that weird, Internet?