Pillow Roundup

We’ll now be taking a break from the regularly scheduled LA programming trip updates to talk about one of my favorite topics, and that’s pillows. I love pillows of all kind. I sleep with at least three on any given night.

But isn’t it crazy how expensive pillows can get? I’ve seen some for up to $250, and I wonder why?! I particularly adore pillows by Thomas Paul and Madeline Weinrib, but can’t bear to pay the full retail price. (little hint: If you’re nuts about Thomas Paul like I am, get thee to eBay! There are some amazing bargains to be had: I’m talking $19 for an $80+ pillow!)

I love this one from Thomas Paul:

Or this lovely:

::sigh:: Actually, there’s not a single one I don’t love. I could bore you to tears with it here, or you can go look at them yourself here at his website. Moving on …

Williams Sonoma Home always has beautiful pillows, but once again, at a high price point. All of these I’ve posted here are on sale, but they’re still not really inexpensive. ::sigh:: A girl can dream. I adore this silk twill zigzag print — it also came in a tan color which I could envision in our back living room on the couch, but it got an ixnay from the hubs because of our sticky-fingered little one. 🙂  I also adore this silk twill seashell print. I would almost like to have this as a framed image. The colors are so soothing, and yet still tropical. And finally, a little ethnic link print, in tan or coral. Of course, my girl Madeline W. has some amazing pillows, too. I keep seeing them pop up in various mags like Elle Decor. This Ikat print is fab, but in silk, so it’s a no-go for us right now. It would become silk-dotted-with-animal-cracker-goo.I really want to find a similar version of this print, especially in navy. It would look so cool in our room! And I love love LOVE this print — more on this one later, my dears.It’s enough to send you into bankruptcy if you let it!  So it was with great relief the other day, as I’m perusing, looking at slipper chairs, that I stumbled onto their pillow section. I’ve had good luck lately at their stores w/ pillows. They’ve got some fun, Thomas Paul-esque pillows, and even more of a selection online! Look at these lovelies that are not only stylish, but inexpensive —

Gorgeous Thai Silk Decorative Pillow

Blocky Boudoir pillow — also in a red print too

Another Thai Silk, this time in a green brocade print

Ah ha! Recognize this one?! I snatched this one up the second I laid eyes on it. LOOOOOOVE it! A pair of them now reside in the guest room, but I can see them making their way down into our room too. I only wish it came in as many colors as the Weinrib version does.

This fun floor pillow is apparently sold out now, and if memory serves, it was the most expensive of any of these, but isn’t the print refreshing?

And finally, a cheerful yellow embroidered canvas in a pretty calligraphic design.

Now wasn’t that fun? It’s like going into a candy shop…

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