Twenty-eighth Birthday highlights:

  • Pretty earrings from a thoughtful & generous husband
  • Lunch at my most favorite place in our college town where I devoured the entire plate
  •  Surprise lemon cake & sugar cookies from Simon and Jude
  • Sweet birthday wishes from Jude: “happeeee bum bum!” (this is Jude-ese for happy birthday)
  • My mom getting released from the hospital! Yes! And subsequent good reports from the doctors.
  • Sharing a slice of pink & yellow-frosted cookie cake with Jude and seeing his eyes  light up like Christmas when he saw it (he then promptly yakked some of it up after filling up on it. Sugar overdose?)
  •  Gorgeous flowers from loved ones
  • Getting to see my birth mom on my birthday 
  • Feeling good and healthy
  • And so much more!