Swap It Up

Ok, I just read this very interesting post over at the Nesting Place. She had a comment from a blog reader about having (basically) a swap meet:

For the purchases that don’t work, and do not get returned, I have found a good solution. I get together with some girl friends once a year and we shop each others impulse purchases. Whatever doesn’t go home with someone else we take to Goodwill. It has been lots of fun and unless it’s a really nice piece, we don’t charge each other, just swap.

Now. Doesn’t that just sound like so much fun? I need to clean my closet out, and I’m sure I have some other things sitting around that need to go to a good home. Would anybody else be interested in doing this? Maybe we could have a theme, like books or home decor or clothes. Really, I guess it could be anything. 

Hmm. Just an idea to getcha thinking.