Memorial Day Weekend

Highlights I want to remember:

  • Being in my swimsuit all weekend long and feeling just slightly tan.
  • Lounging in the languid, warm pool (just like in Temecula!)
  • Jude, discovering the sprinklers for the first time and opening his mouth wide to taste the water
  • Sitting with my mom in the piano room, watching her hold J and feed him cinnamon rolls
  • Baby cardinals in their nest just outside the window
  • Simon and Eric’s bike ride up to POPS in Arcadia (39 miles round trip! Go S!)
  • Lunch at the Spicy Pickle in Edmond, followed up with OrangeTree fro yo
  • Iced tea and limeade punch. Not together, though.
  • Simon’s yummmmm hamburgers and delicious cream cheese cake w/ fruit filling
  • Jude’s 2nd blowout while only in his 2nd time swimming in the pool. And subsequent hose-down in the grass. 
  • Cousins sleeping all together on pallets at Grandmother & Grandaddy’s
  • Queso.
  • Sudden rain storms out of nowhere, and everybody sprinting from the pool for their towels. Thunder and lightning quickly follow, confirming our need to exit the pool w/ haste.
  • The mass consumption of popsicles by the whole clan while bobbing in the pool on Monday. 
  • This conversation overheard between Amy & Matthew about consumption of popsicles. “How many have you had, Matthew?”  “Oh, Mom, only six so far.”  !!!  🙂

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was fun and relaxing! Summer, we welcome you!



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