First Giveaway Winner!

You guys! You are so the best! I have LOVED reading your birthday memories. Everyone has such fun, diverse memories. So. Using to generate a random (ha, imagine that) winner,  …. (drumroll please)

winnerYippee! Sharon’s favorite birthday memory is:

My best birthday memory was when friend from college drove up to visit me on my birthday. Well it was very special because my birthday is Dec 26 yes the day after Christmas and I was so bummed because everyone was still caught up in the Christmas celebration it was very nice surprise. it was my 25th birthday. Thanks for the giveaway!

Well, I think that anyone with a close-to-Christmas birthday is deserving of a little surprise, and I guess thinks so too. 🙂  Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered! I really appreciate all of you guys who keep reading. You all are the best! Sharon, drop me an email here and I’ll get all your info to send you your Venice print.