Once upon a time in my life, the word ‘choo’ would have sent me more along the lines of “Jimmy Choo.” These days, it has a sweeter ring to it as this is one of Jude’s new favorite words. Anytime we see a train or hear a train whistle, he starts shouting, “CHOO!!! CHOOOOOOOOOOO!” The kid loves him some trains, that is for sure. 

It started with Thomas the Tank Engine, which he adores, unsurprisingly enough. We then got a call from my sister Amy, who was offering up Luke’s train table to us. Well yes, of course! We would be honored, we would be thrilled! And shortly after, we became the proud owners of a marvelous train table, complete with tracks and wooden trains. This is a good, classic toy I can have out and not cringe at when I see it.  Oh, and my favorite part? The little matterhorn mountain w/ the funicular. And Jude is thrilled. I mean thrilled. He adores these trains and we are so thankful for the generous gift from his cousin! One day, I was in his room, putting laundry or books away, and when I came out of his room, there he was, sitting smack in the middle of the choo table, loving on his trains. How on earth he managed to climb up there I will never know, but I guess he can!So now we have our own Choo Room. Maybe not the choo room I might have dreamily envisioned (hee hee – a room full of fabulous high heels!), but man oh man, nothing is better than playing trains w/ my little boy. 

Earlier this week, we made a trip to the Omniplex to go play. It’s been raining nonstop here, so we needed a good non-outdoor activity. There’s a great model train display, as well as an authentic Pullman car that is really cool, and Jude went NUTS.  I’m sure we’ll be returning again in the near future…