Won’t you come stay?

Yippee! The guest bedroom transformation is complete! I got a few paint samples over the week after I posted about my inspiration here. It was a really easy little project and within a couple of hours, the job was finished. Everything’s put back into place now and is looking pretty and calming.

I kinda wondered how it would work out to have only the one blue wall painted, but I’m pleased with the result. Anything more might’ve been a wee bit dark.

The color, for reference, is Sherwin Williams’ Tempe Star. It’s pretty; compared to other blues, it’s almost greyish. It’s just really calming overall.

We spent a good deal of time at Sherwin Williams yesterday, and I am just so frustrated. We can’t seem to nail down the right green, although I thought we were close. Paint is so hard! Our walls look like this and I am getting tired of it:

So. We continue on.

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