It’s all Dana’s Fault

Dana is our friend who works with Simon. She is a design-savvy, fun-lovin’ lady, and I wish that we could hang out more often. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, she returned from visiting family in Texas and casually mentioned that she hit up the Pottery Barn outlet in San Marcos, Texas (halfway between Austin and San Antonio).

Then. THEN! She dropped the bomb: all upholstery was 50% off the lowest marked price. Simon called, and I could tell he was excited. He said, “Well, you might call down there and see if they have any of those Seabury sofas you are so in love with.”

A little back story, perhaps, before I continue on with our tale of adventure. For three years, we have been on the perpetual hunt for The Perfect Sofa. We’ve loved the Seabury from PB for quite some time, but couldn’t ever seen to resolve the price issue. It’s a pricey little number, that’s for sure. So we ended up getting another sofa early in our marriage, which has been fine. Not perfect. Not like (cue the harps) the Seabury.

We’ve gone round and round on this. I mean, it’s almost sickening how much we’ve fought over hashed it out discussed this silly couch. So, I saw my window of opportunity, and I leapt. A call down to the outlet in San Marcos revealed that in fact, they had 2. And in one of the more spontaneous decisions of our married lives, we decided to head out after work on Friday and go check this thing out.

We drove to Dallas on Friday night (approx 3 hours) and spent the night at ALoft (again – a better experience this time, perhaps). We were up and at ’em on Saturday and got into San Marcos around 11. We were like two giddy little girls kids when we surveyed the Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma/WilliamsSonoma Home/PB Kids & Teen outlet. People, it was that good. Roughly the size of a grocery store, it was like going into a PB on ‘roids. It was really easy to feel overwhelmed quickly. The majority of the store was at least 25% off the lowest marked price. There was an enormous bedding section, as well as all their accessories, I mean really — everything.

Truth be told, there were more than 2 Seabury couches. There were probably, oh, 7 at least. The upholstered furniture section was by far the largest. Items were in varying degrees of quality (it is an outlet – expect a few dings here and there) but there it was — our couch. And it was SUCH the deal. Prices were already pretty low, but then an extra 50% off upholstered furniture sealed the deal.

Oh but wait — did I tell you about the rugs? Oh the rugs! Simon is a rug junkie. He loves them the way I love lamps. Can’t have enough. He found two gorgeous gigantic rugs from Williams Sonoma Home and for whatever reason, all WSHome rugs were an extra 85% off the lowest price. So we walked away with two room-sized rugs for $90 apiece, which was so rad.

Ok, so how did we get all of this stuff home, you ask?  We made a quick trip to UHaul and got set up with a teeny little trailer to hook up to Simon’s car. At first, when we pulled out of the Uhaul parking lot, they had inadvertently hooked us up with two trailers (the conjoined trailers, we called them), and we cracked up. Simon has decided he is glad he is not a professional mover as driving the car w/ trailer attached was a major pain. A few hours later, we were on our way back up to Dallas. And then the next day, on our way back home to OKC.

So really, Dana, it was all your fault! But we are so glad you mentioned it to us!  🙂