Computer Woes

Ok, kids, I’m on a brief hiatus as my computer has briefly decided to just not work. Yippee. Because I definitely had nothing going on, work-wise right now (rolling of my eyes). Seriously, I’ve got some fun projects in the works and I can’t wait to show you. But right now is reeeaaaaalllly not a good time for my laptop to go kaput.
Anyway, big props to my brother Earl for coming over after work (on a Monday, no less) to try to fix it. Because let me tell you, Apple was of no help when they rerouted my call to India. Yuck. $50 later, and I still have a computer on the blink. Thankssoooomuch.
So. Hopefully we’ll be back, up and running, in no time. Don’t you hate it when computers go on the blink? There’s never a good time for that.