Catching Up

Are you having a good week? I am so far. I’ve been busy printing baby shower invitations and working on a logo for a client, in addition to my normal weekly routine of BSF and other activities.

Oh, I nearly forgot! We didn’t talk about Valentine’s Day, did we? Simon and I went out on Friday night and ate at Pearl’s, a local seafood-with-a-cajun-flair restaurant. Always yum. Then on Saturday, I surprised him with a new Keurig K-Cup coffee/tea maker. He surprised me with these gorgeous flowers and some yummy chocolates.Jude made a haul at his once-a-week Mother’s Day Out. I tried to take Valentine pictures of him in his little white boxer shorts and red tee shirt, but he only wanted to wear his dad’s Peter Pan hat from Disneyland. So these were the results:All while munching on a rice cake, natch.

Do you live in the vicinity of a Hobby Lobby? If so, get yourself there this week! I went Tuesday, and all of their wall decor was 50% off. All of it. Every mirror, shelf, poster, frame, etc. If it can go on a wall, it’s 50% off. I got this huge vintage travel poster for $7 and a frame for it to go in for $30. It was such a steal. You can’t really tell the scale in this picture, but it’s over 3 feet tall.I love the color in it – a beautiful contrast of red and blue. The cherry blossoms are so pretty too!

I’m about to go nuts waiting for my rug to arrive. I know, I know, it shouldn’t even be here yet, but I’m just so excited!

Yesterday, after BSF, I went to pick up Jude and then we hoofed it out to my parents’ house to pick Mom up for her dentist’s appointment. Afterwards, we lunched at Pei Wei and then hit the grocery store. I decided to push the RV of a shopping cart:Unless you’re a mom, you’ve probably never pushed one of these beasts. It’s surprisingly graceful, albeit requiring a wide berth for turns.