Snow Day!

We don’t get many honest-to-goodness winter storms here in Oklahoma. Although you wouldn’t know it from the insane TV coverage that they give any inclement weather here. The weathermen are superheroes here, big time. I have no doubt that they live for (1) tornado season and (2) winter weather smackdown 2009. This means that they get to be on the TV nonstop, all day long. Forget your favorite TV shows; you won’t see them. You will see, however, an incredibly detailed rundown of the weather for the past 4 hours, the next 4 hours, the windchill, the dewpoint, etc. etc. etc. 

Anyway, we haven’t had any snow or ice yet this year really, so everybody was looking forward to a little something fun. It hit yesterday and Simon had no longer been at work for a few hours when he came on home. Granted, it took him an hour to get home b/c the highways were shutting down due to all the wrecks, but he was home in time for lunch. I had worked out in the morning (ouch – that Jillian Michaels is tough) and then I made big yummy grilled chicken sandwiches on whole wheat naan bread. Then, Simon said,  “You know what day it is? It’s the day to make a tent in the living room.”  And that’s what we did! I made a great big bowl of popcorn and got out the trail mix, and then we sat under the tent and watched Paris, Je T’Aime on the Netflix on demand (love it!). Jude was in hog heaven, digging his little hands into the trail mix and frolicking on all the pillows and blankets.

For dinner, I made a big bowl of chicken curry and jasmine rice, and we settled in for the night. I’ve been working on a blog for our Married Young Adult department at our church, so that was on the agenda. We awoke this morning to ice, snow, and sleet. Simon made an enormous big breakfast for us, and went to work on our taxes. Jude and I chilled out, but we were all feeling stir crazy. 

The cool thing about our neighborhood is that there is a giant detention pond in the middle of the neighborhood. It’s not really a pond – no water to speak of – but it’s like an enormous grassy bowl, just perfect for sledding. Nourished by a delicious Johnnie’s hamburger & fries (and a big ol’ iced tea!), we went and picked up my brother Braden and  some of his buddies, then we met up with my brother-in-law Eric and nephew Matthew. Jude was exhilarated by seeing all the sledding kids, but he got cold pretty quickly, so Simon and I passed him back & forth and spent time with him sitting in the car. Let me tell you, sledding was wicked fun. That was the place to be!

Now we are sitting in our warm little cottage, watching a pretty snow fall out the window. Simon’s working on dinner, and Jude is napping. I don’t know that I could stand to be snowed in for a super long time, but it sure is a nice little winter diversion. 

Happy snow day to you all!


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