I love Saturdays when we have absolutely nothing on the agenda, and we can just enjoy each other and enjoy our city.  We were supposed to have the sprinkler repair man come by, but because of the frigid temperatures, he took a rain check will come back. So we lolled around all morning, snuggled tight in our comfy bed with Jude the Dude. While Jude took his morning nap, Simon ran a few errands, and when he returned, he came bearing presents! What a lucky girl I am! Not only did he bring me a large iced tea (yum), but he also had gotten me a couple of gorgeous plates from Fringe Studio. Over the past year or so, he has gifted me a few of them, and I absolutely adore them. They’re John Derian in style, but without the hefty price tag. Anyway, aren’t they pretty? I was just so honored that my sweet hubs bought me a present completely out of the blue!We picked my Dad up from the auto dealership where he was having Mom’s tire fixed, and we took him to a yummmm lunch at Lee’s Sandwiches down in the Asian District. Any kind of sandwich you can imagine, either on a fresh baked baguette or flaky delightful croissant. They have this enormous bakery area that you can sit and watch the loaves coming out of, and they even have gelato. Super clean and bright, it’s a great experience. The only downside is that they only accept cash (seriously? What year is this?). You can be that we will definitely be returning.

Afterwards, it was a trip to the much-hyped Cuppies & Joe. I keep hearing about this place from all my Twitter friends as well as my brother who is apparently their biggest fan, and while we had no joe (i.e. coffee), we did indulge in delightful cuppies (cupcakes). The thing I like about their cupcakes is that they are not insanely large. In other words, it feels like a reasonable indulgence. It was a guilt-free treat, and it was definitely hoppin’ in there. I wish them well — I’m all about supporting great local business! Plus, it’s housed in the cutest little house down on NW 23rd Street. Light & bright – definitely comfy and inviting. Once upon a time, I’m sure I would have parked there for hours on end with my laptop…  Isn’t their mantel cute at Cuppies+Joe? I love the way they layered the mirror with the frames. And the green wall color is pretty close to what I’m wanting to do in our bedroom. 

All in all, a delightful day. Now we’re sitting in the bedroom, watching cartoons and enjoying some milk. Simon’s at the grocery store picking up things for dinner and I’m looking forward to snuggling with my two loves.

What did you do this weekend?