Kathleen had asked if I made any New Year’s Resolutions. Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve had a few thoughts on resolutions for the year. Is it ok if it reads more like a to-do list?


  1. lose the weight I gained from my ridiculously long course of prednisone
  2. eat healthy
  3. continue to be consistent with my ulcerative colitis course of treatment
  4. exercise 
  5. think positively
  6. eat more fruits & vegetables
  7. better define my personal style (polyvore is perfect for this! It’s so easy to make mood boards on here)
  8. strive to shop only within that style so I don’t buy a bunch of clothes that don’t really follow the aesthetic I’m looking for 

Around the House

  1. paint our bedroom (green perhaps?)
  2. paint a gloss stripe in the entryway
  3. maybe paint the front door? undecided on this one
  4. cafe curtains for the kitchen
  5. someday, a new light fixture for the kitchen, but this isn’t high on the totem pole right now
  6. organize and put away all toys that aren’t being used or age-appropriate
  7. organize and put away all out-grown clothes of Jude’s 


  1. tackle a few new jobs
  2. manage my time better