Ready for Resort

I was perusing today, and let me tell you, her resort line is TDF! She makes the most beautiful dresses, and her resort line is no exception. There are several that caught my eye, but this one in particular just makes me fall in love all over again.

dvfloveOf all the fabulous prints, this is the one I pick? Yes, for two reasons. #1, the fabric is this amazing stretchy poplin that is so comfortable and oh-so-flattering. #2, this is the perfect dress for me because it’s casual enough to wear every day, but could also be dressed up with the right accessories. This is imperative for me these days since my opportunites for fancy shmance have been shelved momentarily. And let me tell you, I’ve definitely got a few pieces of fanciness that are just awaiting their opportunity to come out again.  ::sigh:: All in good time . . .