As I type the title to this post, I realize that I am showing my age. The Omniplex is now no longer known as the Omniplex; it’s a much-hipper Science Museum Oklahoma. However, it was with great nostalgia that my friend Christina & I visited the SMO with our respective kidlets on Friday morning. Neither of us had been since our own childhoods, and it was fun to revisit it. While it is definitely much cooler than it was years and years ago, there are remnants of the past with exhibits that are still hanging around. Anyone remember the Earthquake house? Yup. Still there. And the giant teeth display? With the 80s Atari-esque video game? Yuppers. I had also never visited the International Photography Hall of Fame. A little bit sad and in need of an architectural update, to be honest, but some beautiful photographs nonetheless. 

But by far, the kids’ favorite part was the age-appropriate play area with all kinds of fun things for them to explore. It was even just the right size for Jude, who was livin’ la vida loca in the little play house. Christina’s kids are pretty cute and took good care of Jude. The all-time favorite activity was the puppet show area, where they could pick from a couple dozen animal puppets and then watch themselves on a TV screen as they played. Hours of fun, I tell you!The water area was also a big hit. Undoubtedly a cesspool of germs, I felt like we needed to be Cloroxed down before we could leave, but I know that Jude had the time of his life, and that made it all worth the $9.95 admission fee to the SMO. There was some hesitation as I had to show him that it was ok to put his hands in the water. He looked at me like, “Now wait a second, you wig out on me when I put my hands in the toilet. How is this any different?”All in all, a fun day and a great place to explore w/ the kids. Especially on a rainy day when you just need to take them somewhere to let them run off some steam!