Fun with Glitter . . . and more tales of adventure

Well, I had all these great photos to go along with this post, and my camera mysteriously ate them. Along with all the photos of Jude’s 1st Christmas program at mother’s day out. So, we’ll supplement this story with some random, completely unrelated photos.

When I picked Jude up from his one-day-a-week Mother’s Day Out, his teacher asked me if I was bringing him back for the Christmas program on Thursday night. This seemed a little unnecessary to me at first, since he’s oh, you know, barely 1 year old. But then she told me that they dress the babies up as presents and bring them in on a red wagon at the end of the program. At that moment, I was suckered in. OF COURSE I will bring him! And yes, I will bring cookies too!


One of the only surviving photos of Judes 1st Christmas program. A classic.

One of the only surviving photos of Jude's 1st Christmas program. A classic.

So on Thursday, Jude was duly attired in his best khaki pants and heavy sweater (am I a bad mom? I have no “Christmas” outfit for him) and was taken to the church for the program. It was opened by a hilarious rendition of “I’m Gettin’ Nothin’ For Christmas” by the oldest kids. Finally at the end, here comes Jude with his other little friends. In the end, he was carried in by the teachers and was not interested in the box at all. He was, however, very interested in plucking the greenery off of the red wagon that was decorated so nicely. The appearance of Santa was semi-cause for alarm. But he did really well and didn’t cry, and we were SO proud!

Thursday afternoon, before the program, I picked up my 3 nephews from school and brought them over to my house. They had been really interested in my glittered pumpkins from Halloween/Thanksgiving, and wanted to glitter something themselves. So I had bought some Christmas colored glitter, as well as some clear ornaments. I knew it was going to be a great big delightful glittery mess, but I didn’t really care about that. I had hung up a ribbon across the kitchen window so we would have a place to hang and dry the glittery, gluey ornaments. My star-wreath that is molting its faux evergreen branches was hanging above. (Do you see this recipe for disaster?)

Ornaments were glittered. Fun was had. Christmas movies were playing in the background. Glitter and glue were everywhere. And finally, 16 beautiful ornaments hung, shimmering in the window. Jude had been napping, preparing for his grand debut, but was now sitting in his high chair where I was attempting to feed him yogurt. Simon arrived home from work, and promptly went over to inspect the ornaments. He reached up to touch the  molting star wreath, and as I turn around to answer his question about the state of said wreath, I watched in slow motion as the wreath came crashing down, and brought all of the ornaments down with it.



Another ridiculously inappropriate photo for this story. Remember? Camera ate my photos. 🙁



We stood there in shock. All I could eek out was, “Seriously??! Seriously!??” I was far more upset about this than my nephews were. Ben stood up and said, “No big deal. It was more fun just to make them. We don’t really care.” Ever the diplomat, that one!

Poor, poor Simon. He felt really bad. He could tell I was flabbergasted and sad. A few of the ornaments survived the Great Crash of 08 and have returned to their happy spot, shining in the window. Simon restrung my ribbon in the window, and the wreath is now sitting in the naughty corner in shame.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was nice. Simon had to work Saturday, but we had dinner at Carrabba’s and then hit Pier 1 and Target. We’re trying to get window treatments hung in our living room and kitchen. Sunday was all about church and then lunch at Jimmy’s Egg. I got in a much-needed pedicure and even managed to make the Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies which are truly divine. Do try them – recipe over at the NM website!


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