Christmastime Is Here

Happiness and cheer! Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year . . . 

I really love the mournful sound of that song. Maybe melancholy is a better term for it. Either way, the plinkety plink of the piano in the background, the sound of the children’s choir. I just love it.

Order and harmony is restored. A thorough search of all nooks and crannies proved no camera, so a new one had to be gotten. So an early Christmas for me, non? I hate that it had to happen that way; I was really hopeful that it would turn up, but I searched like no other. Now watch it show up somewhere ridiculously simple. Ugh.

I hope your weekend was marvelous. We wished my sister a happy birthday over at my parents’ house on Friday night, and ended up spending the night since The Man went to sleep in his crib there, and we didn’t want to wake him. On Saturday, we hung out and then wished my Uncle Kermit and Aunt Cheryl a bon voyage as they headed off on the next leg of their furlough. Sad to see them go, but happy to have had such quality time with them. They came over on Wednesday night for  dinner and we always enjoy them and our discussions. Much love to you both, and safe travels.

My mom is improving really well from her knee surgery. We offered to put up her Christmas tree for her. We had forgotten that most of the lights on her fairly new, pre-lit tree are defunct, so we had to go ahead and string lights on it anyway. I say we, but really it was Simon and Dad. Mom and I directed from the sidelines and kept Jude out of the way.  Isn’t their living room just the best? I just adore their bright carpet and bright wallpaper. Dee-light. We had found a stroller in one of the hall closets, so that was how we confined him finally!

We are so in the Christmas spirit here at our house. I’ve got the tree up, and the house is all decorated. Last year was such a bust in so many ways because we were over at my parents’, and then the big ice storm of 07 hit. It was just awful. There was no electricity for like a week, and we barely got the tree up over at my folks’. We sat in the dark for days. It was so gnarly. I don’t think we even got any ornaments up on that tree. So we have lots to celebrate this year. Plus, when I first saw our new house last February, I could picture it at Christmas, with a gorgeous tree in the big front window. And I was so thrilled to finally see that vision come to life this year.

I need to get a tree skirt. Maybe at an after-Christmas sale. We jokingly thought about putting one of my skirts around it. 

I love my Grandmother Blanche’s buffet in the entry. It serves as a revolving display area for seasonal decorations. This time, I’ve got my two little tinsel trees, a Moroccan star lamp, and our advent calendar (thank you, George & Christie! We are LOVING it!) along with some Christmas lights. It’s really pretty.

With the tree up in the living room, I decided it was time to really rearrange the room. I hung photos on the wall that were previously on our mantel, and I am so pleased with the result. This room felt neglected and sad; now it feels happy and purposeful.

And what of the mantel, you say? It is now sporting our star mirror that was over our bed (I really believe that rearranging is like getting new stuff, but for free). Rearranging really makes me happy because when you have things you love, it’s especially fun to see them in new places. I found a gorgeous glitter garland at Target and that has been pretty much the only thing I’ve purchased this year for decorations. Everything else, we already  had from years past. 

Anyway, yay for new cameras and yay for Christmas. Can’t wait! Nothing is better than having a little one to pull all the ornaments off your tree!

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