Trick or Treat: Fall Decor

I absolutely adore October. It is my second-favorite time of the year (spring being my favorite). The birthday month of my beloved Simon and sweet baby Jude, October is just so much fun. The weather is starting to turn chilly, and the pumpkin patches start popping up all over town. Plus, Halloween is at the end, and who doesn’t love that? Candy and costumes!

A few years ago, I saw some glittered pumpkins in the October edition of a Martha Stewart Living magazine. I thought it was a great idea, but never got around to making them. At Michael’s on Saturday, I found a Halloween glitter kit by Martha Stewart, and at 30% off, I was sold. It was the easiest project ever. I glittered my pumpkins in an open pizza box to catch all the excess glitter. A little bit messy, but super fun and the result is dazzling. They look gorgeous up on our mantel with the lights on them. I may have to glitter some more!

I also found this cute vintage-inspired “Trick or Treat” banner at Michael’s as well. I particularly love the little owl. Too cute! Oh, and you can also see my framed Cavallini Paris print. I am not loving the arrangement of my pictures right now, so please disregard the way they look. 

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