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The first time I ever went to San Francisco, I was in the fourth grade. My parents had been many times before; it was one of their favorite cities. I remember how much fun it was to ride the cable cars and see the sea lions at Pier 39. I really looked forward to sharing all of that with my nephews.

One thing that we were really interested in seeing in San Francisco was the new California Academy of Science. Built to resemble the various hills around the San Francisco Bay area, the roof is entirely covered in plants. Inside, there is a very impressive rainforest as well as an aquarium and planetarium. It was slammed the day we were there; apparently it was a school holiday and we weren’t the only ones who thought it was a good idea to go visit.

Albino Alligator. Or is it a crocodile???

Albino Alligator. Or is it a crocodile???

I totally love an aquarium. I just can’t get enough coral, anemones, starfish, etc. I particularly adore getting to touch the little critters in the tide pools, and watching jellyfish float around in their silent dance. The albino alligator was really impressive. And a little freaky, hanging in the fog.

The graphic designer in me was particularly drawn to this gorgeous display:

Isn’t this a creative way to display the names of donors to the museum? They’re like a gorgeous cabinet of natural curiosities, encased in glass.

We enjoyed lunch on Fishermans Wharf at Boudin. I’m a carb and bread fanatic, and crusty, deliciouos sourdough bread in San Francisco is about as good as it gets.

Dad looks particularly cute in his crab hat at Boudin.
The signage around San Francisco is so fun. I could just roam around for days, taking photos of great signs and neon lights. It’s vintage sign fun!

Speaking of vintage signs, here’s a good one! Chocolate heaven, non? We enjoyed making our way from Boudin over to Ghirardelli Square for some dessert. While Simon and I indulged in some Sprinkles-knockoff-cupcakes (not shabby, btw), everyone else camped out at Ghirardelli for ice cream sundaes. Matthew’s berry one was particularly impressive. After a sugar refuel, it was decided that we should scale the hill to get up to Lombard Street. The boys needed to see the crookedest street in the world. 🙂

Let me say, it was quite the haul up that hill. If I lived in San Francisco, I would be SO buff. I cannot even imagine pushing a stroller up those hills.

Isn’t it a stunning view? Can you even imagine looking out at this every single day? ::le sigh::

Or, can you imagine getting to look at this (above)  every day? I’m a lucky girl! Hee hee!!!  🙂

Hanging off the front edge of a cable car, we made our way from Lombard down to Union Square. It is such an elemental experience. Touristy? Yeah, maybe so. But when I think of San Francisco, I think of chilly weather, the feeling of leaning forward down a hill while riding on the side of a cable car, and watching the lights of the cars on the Golden Gate Bridge. I want to eat sourdough bread, and explore little shops and enjoy the view of the Bay from the hillsides.

And who better to share it with than my loved ones?

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