Happy Birthday to My Hubs!

Twenty-eight years ago today, my husband Simon was born! What a lucky girl I am; Simon is my best friend, my sweet husband, and amazing dad of my precious baby Jude. We met in the first grade and I thought he was such a cutie. We didn’t start dating until our senior year of college.  I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Tonight we’re having a birthday dinner here at our house with all our families together. I’ve had a delightful cold for the past several days, resulting in me having absolutely no voice for the past two days. Pretty fun. I never realized just how debilitating it can be to have no voice! You can’t do anything! I croaked out my order at Starbucks in the drive-thru the other day, and the poor barista could barely understand me. I considered writing out my order on a piece of paper, but then I thought that might seem like I was trying to hold up the Starbucks and rob them or something, so now I’ve just decided to forgo any drive-thrus until my voice is restored. My mom and dad finally came and got Jude; poor kid was into everything, and I couldn’t even talk to him. 

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tonight. Simon’s mom is making his favorite cake, a red velvet! Yummers! Also on the menu: lasagna, caesar salad, arancini (risotto balls) and spicy broccoli. Can’t even wait! Love you, honey!


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