Weekend Fun

What a great weekend! I hope yours was fun and relaxing. Friday night, we headed out to my parents’ house to spend the night and hang out. My mom makes the most amazing, delicious pancakes, and so it was a wonderful breakfast-for-dinner. Jude consumed multiple pancakes and promptly sacked out at 8pm. Just in time for the presidential debates. :-

On Saturday, we lolled around until noon and then finally got out for some lunch. We hopped into the car and went to the Iguana Lounge in downtown Oklahoma City. So delicious. But before we left downtown, we toured one of the Brownstones at Maywood Park, a new residential development. A few months ago, they were featured as the Symphony Designers’ Showhome, and while we didn’t get to see them at the time, we were able to see some of the other homes.
I went ga-ga over these gorgeous persimmon velvet chairs. Aren’t they stunning? The brownstones are laid out over 3 to 4 floors (depending on the floorplan you decide on). Hardwood floors are throughout (these were painted grey) in a variety of finishes. The kitchen was gorgeous and modern with sleek stainless appliances. Oh, and the coolest thing? It might be that there’s an elevator!

If I lived here, I wouldn’t ever leave the top floor. Isn’t this just to die for? And even better, it opens out onto this beautiful rooftop patio. 
While it’s probably not the most kid-friendly house (all those stairs!!!), I could just imagine how fun it would be to live in such a neat space. 
Or at least vacation there.