Vintage Wedding

Sometimes I wish I could have a wedding again. For a split second. And then I remember how crazy it was and I reconsider. But really, it’s all about the dress — I just want another excuse to wear my wedding dress! I love the dresses from J.Crew these days. The lines of the Luxe Drapey Jacquard Turner gown are so beautiful. They remind me of old Doris Day movies.
Of course, the romantic in me is drawn to the princess-yness of the Lucinda. I can’t resist a ballgown.
The last few weeks before our wedding, I was really wishing that we had run off and eloped at some fab beach resort. The Genevieve silk radzimir gown has enough structure and formality to appeal to me, but is still laid-back enough in styling to be beach-appropriate.

And of course, I’d probably wear these with any of these gowns. 

::sigh:: Oh well . . . I guess I could still get the shoes, even if I don’t need the gown. 🙂
Retrospective thought: this has been a shoe-heavy week here at Pencil Shavings. Can you tell I have fall fashion on the brain?