Dara Torres

Inspirational Dara
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This morning, I had the TV on the Olympics while Jude and I were playing, and they were interviewing Dara Torres, the 41-year-old Olympic swimmer that whooped a bunch of other swimmers half her age at the Olympic trials in Omaha this summer. We laughed about it at the time because the media was making such a big deal about her age. “Oldest woman ever to swim!!!” was how it seemed, at least. They also make a big deal about how (gasp!) she’s a mother!

Anyway, this morning, she was discussing how she was so happy at the birth of her daughter, and then she asked the doctor when she could resume training. The doctor was shocked. Dara said, “It never crossed my mind that I couldn’t train for the Olympics *and* be a mother.”

Good for her! I found that so inspirational; we can be a mom AND whatever else we want to be too!