Baby Jail

We have entered an all-new era of mobility here at the Shingleton home this week: Jude climbed into the fireplace. That’s right – he climbed up onto the hearth and into the fireplace. I was right there and watched him while he did it and after I put him back on the rug, he proceeded to crawl right back over and do it again. And again. And again. And again. While I’m very proud of his strength and climbing prowess, this is somewhat concerning to me as I thought that I had appropriately babyproofed the living room into the only “safe zone” in the house where he couldn’t get it into any trouble! 

So today, my mom called and gently reminded me that back in the day, pack-n-plays were known as playpens, and they were not used for sleeping, they were used for containing babies! And that perhaps Jude might need to be contained…  And what do you know, Grandmother knew best! I drug the pack ‘n’ play into the living room and filled it with toys and Cheerios, and he was a happy camper. For awhile.
Yesterday was his first day at Mother’s Day Out. I was far more nervous than he was; he was an old pro, according to his teachers! 🙂   They sent home a little report card sheet on him (“what I did today”) and they remarked that he was “Happy” and “busy.”  Boy oh boy, is he ever busy!