The Little Family on Vacation

The Little Family
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I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. We are now nearly knee-deep into June, and we are going to close on our new house Friday, then move on Saturday(!). That means this is Get Crackin’ On Packin’ Week at the Shingletons, in addition to the ongoing Sell Our House & Simon’s Tahoe Lollapalooza.

Speaking of selling the house, we held a successful Open House yesterday afternoon, where there were several great prospective homeowners.

Anyway, back to the vacation. We ended up forgoing our California plans in favor of going to Fort Lauderdale. It was going to be cheaper, and in light of our recent home purchase, we decided this was the wiser course of action.


We flew out on a Friday morning, and Jude was such a happy camper. He wore his special pilot cap, and was well-received by all. Seriously, the kid makes friends wherever he goes. I had no idea people are so darn friendly to babies! I mean, babies are cute and all, but I have never stopped someone dead in their tracks, taken ahold of their stroller as I squatted down, and made faces at their child. You laugh, but this happened to us multiple times. Jude just looks up at them like he wonders what all the fuss is about.

Soooo bright outside.
Do you see this face (above)? This is the face of toleration.

Saturday morning, we took him down to the pool. We had a little infant raft for him and he was duly slathered in sunscreen and had on his little sun hat. I think we were far more excited than he was, because he had the same look as you see above the entire time. So not impressed. He was even less impressed the next day by the ocean, which was definitely not any warmer than the pool and certainly not as delightfully warm as his bathtime. We will continue to work on a love for water.

Hammin' it up
Here we are, hammin’ it up for the camera.

Tiny trunks out to dry.

Jude had lots of “firsts” on this trip.
– First time to try iced tea.
– First time to try fish
– First time to try ketchup
– First time to swim
– First time to fly
– First time to see the ocean.
I could go on and on. The kid is a traveling natural, I tell you. Here he is, trying tea:
Trying (and LOVING) iced tea

Saturday, we spent the day searching for furniture and rugs for the new house. We are rug fiends, really. And we were on a mission for some of the Madeline Weinrib rugs from ABC Carpet & Home. Alas, it was not meant to be this time. They were all so amazing, it was too hard to pick one. I felt like I was a kid in a candy shop. The colors and patterns are to die for. I’ll post some pictures I took of them in a later post.

We also enjoyed beautiful Palm Beach on Saturday, stopping for lunch at Testa’s, and then driving around, enjoying the gorgeous beach, quirky Worth Avenue, and the beautiful color of the water.

Having some lunch.

We enjoyed dinner that night at the Grand Lux Cafe in Boca Raton. Seriously, we shopped until we dropped. We were exhausted. And we bought nothing.

Sunday, there was the First Swim in the Ocean.This was met with tears, so we quickly went back to the pool. He was only mildly more interested in this.

Beachy mom & Jude
Beachy Mom & Jude
Cute little beach bum
Beach Bum
First time at the ocean. Unsure.
Not too sure about this ocean business.
Mom & Bean
Mom & the Bean
Serious Pair
A Serious Pair
Chillaxin’ by the pool
Ft Lauderdale at Las Olas & Ocean Blvd

Overall, it was such an enjoyable trip. We did purchase some bedroom furniture for our new house, and it will arrive sometime in August (boo). Jude was such a good little traveler, and we look forward to taking him somewhere again.

OH! I nearly forgot – one of the best parts of our trip was on the way out there. When we got on the plane from OKC to Dallas, we saw one of our NICU nurses from when Jude was born. It was such a great surprise, and so good to reconnect with her. She was one of our favorites, and we are eternally grateful to the Integris Baptist NICU nurses for what they did for Jude.

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