New House

Well, I just need to post something else so I’m not staring at Mazie’s post every time I log on. It just makes me too sad. So. Let’s move onto something a little more cheerful, ok?

We’re so excited to be in our new house. It really feels like a home, and we feel like we’ve been given the keys to the castle. God is so good; He wants to delight us as his children. We have a long way to go, decorating-wise, and I’m itching to get some color on these walls, but for now, it is fantastic.
We got a lovely new patio set on sale at the Pottery Barn, and and found a fantastic umbrella in the Hollywood Regency style at Z Gallerie. I just love it. I’m really wanting to get some striped chair cushions. It’s just so fab. I’ve always wanted pretty patio furniture! And now we’ve got a patio to actually be out on!

This morning, I took Jude out into the backyard and let him play in the grass. He was impressed,  I think. He’s changing in new ways every single day. I’m so proud of him. He’s eating all kinds of foods these days, and just so much fun.
Here’s our pretty little dining room. It’s the only room at this point that’s actually pulled together. I’m actually loving Grandmother’s china cabinet against that mirror. It may be my most favorite thing about the dining room. Oh, and there is just so much room in the kitchen, I finally have room to put away all of my serving pieces! Hooray!

Ok, more on the new house later when I can get some more photos shot.