eBay Rave: Indi Bebe Stroller Liners

Can I just say how much I positively absolutely adore our stroller? It was our one big baby splurge item, and it has been totally worth it. I just love it. It maneuvers so gracefully, and I love that Jude can either face me or face the world. Plus, when we traveled, it was totally a cinch. It’s fantastic. However, the coolest part is that it has a marvelous expandable handlebar. Perfect for 6’4″ Simon or 5’7″ me.

My only “complaint” about the Bee is that it’s rather utilitarian in its seat. In other words, it just doesn’t seem all that cushy to me. It just needed a little something extra to make it soft and comfy. 
 I’ve seen several different people on Etsy selling similar items, but I finally decided to go with IndiBebe via eBay. Bronwyn is super-nice, and she will work with you on what fabrics you want to make your stroller liner totally unique.

I was thrilled with ours; while I’m usually not an animal/kiddie-print kind of girl, I just loved the design of this. It’s so bold and graphic, plus all the fun colors are fantastic. Once I received the liner, Simon and I both oohed and aahed over how professional it looks. It is not only an absolutely perfect fit, but the craftsmanship is perfection. On the flipside of the liner is black fleece; perfect for comfy warmth in the winter.
IndiBebe is based out of Australia, and it does take awhile to receive your custom-made item as Bronwyn is also taking care of her little one, but it is totally worth the wait!

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