Weekend Fun

We had lots of fun this weekend. Saturday was filled with lunch with the Doner grandparents, and then Simon took me out on the town for dinner that night. We ate on the patio at Bellini’s while Jude hung out with his Shingleton grandparents (Thank you!). It was apparently prom night, and it was funny to see the high school kids out in their glamorous duds. Seems like prom came early this year.
Anyway, when we went to pick Jude up, it was around 9:45. He and his Oma Linda were sitting outside looking at a beautiful full moon. As we walked up, Jude looked at us, and then he looked at me and held out his little hand, reaching for me. It totally melted me. He is just the sweetest little thing that ever was!
Today we went to church and had a Mexican lunch before driving around (as we tend to do on Sundays).