Springtime at the Target

While I was not business-productive today, really, I was productive in the fact that I spent great quality time with my Mom, which is more important than any other work I might’ve done.

After taking Mazie with me to the bank and other errands, Mom and I met at Red Robin for delicious burgers and those yummers steak fries (don’t forget the extra shake-on seasoning, please). Then we began what I like to refer to as the Weekly Pointless Pilgrimage to Target. My husband must be appalled at the amount of time I spend in that place.

It’s like a sickness.

But where else can seasonal items bring such joy? For example, today I purchased Springtime Dish Towels in Yellow/Orange which will look appropriately Springtime in my lemony kitchen. It feels like a fresh burst of cleanliness and color in my otherwise dirty kitchen.

Ooh, and the best part: the World Market Bazaar thing is BACK! Soon, you too will be able to get an Indonesian tiki table for your otherwise colonial living room. Can’t wait!!

// Tonight //
Menu: Omelettes w/ New Potatoes
To Do: Workout at YMCA
Shows to TiVo: Gilmore Girls (but only if it’s a fresh episode)