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In praise of the slip-on sneaker

The slip-on sneaker is my new favorite shoe right now when I want to feel a little more hip/casual. Which sounds pretty much the opposite of hip (21-year-old me would be dying of mortification). ANYWAY.  When you’re a little bit Fancy/Dressy but a little bit Sporty Spice, sometimes you want to slum it a bit
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The ultimate guide to stylish boys clothing lines @psstudio

Stylish Boys Clothes: the definitive guide to non-goofy boy brands

Today I though it would be helpful for all you fellow boy moms if I did a roundup of my favorite non-goofy stylish boys clothing brands and sites. Listen, I know when you found out that baby was a boy, everyone said to you “Awwww, well, that’s too bad because you don’t get to do
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@psstudio's top picks for stylish sweatshirts -

In my shopping bag: stylish sweatshirts

I’m having a stylish sweatshirt obsession lately. They seem so perfectly cozy as we head into full-on winter, don’t they? I’m on the hunt for something graphic, soft, and potentially could be dressed up a little bit. This is not the sweatshirt of your college days and definitely not something you actually sweat in (ha).
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Get the look: what to wear on a plane instead of leggings to be comfy -

What to wear on a plane

Remember a few months back when I posted about my own personal #getdressed challenge? The goal is to get out of my style rut and not resort to yoga pants or my go-to jeans.  And also to also push my own style a little bit. I know how to get dressed up for a dinner or
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