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What to do when you're bored with your long hair?

What to do when you’re bored with long hair

So you’ve been embarking on the great hair growout for quite awhile now, but you’re starting to feel that all-too-familiar itch. You’re getting bored. Bored with all that luscious fabulous long hair that you’ve been working oh-so hard to grow.  You’re wearing it all up in a ponytail because you don’t know what else to
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How to Survive Growing Out Your Hair

Edited to add:  Because this post has been so crazy popular, I paired up with Mane Message to design the cutest hair ties and headbands ever!  Also – check out other hair-related posts here at Pencil Shavings Studio. And! Good news! I’ve survived growing out my hair — see what it looks like now. Can we
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Tutorial: My Take on the Fun Bun

Number 1 most FAQ lately? “How on earth do you get your hair up in a bun like that?” My dears, I’m here to help you out. I’m sure you’re no stranger to the variety of fun bun hair tutorials that are floating ’round the fashion-and-beauty blogosphere lately (see The Beauty Department for several good
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