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WW Update: Post-NYC Edition

THIS WEEK We were in Manhattan for most of the week, which meant tons of opportunities to walk our tails off and eat amazing, delicious things in addition to attending the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker workshop. Nobody has restaurants like NYC. Everything has to be good because there’s so much competition, right? WHAT WORKED
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Weight Watchers Wednesday

Guys! I officially hit my 30 pound weight loss at my Weight Watchers meeting last week. WHAT?! Wednesdays are my official weigh-in day, when I attend WW meetings here in OKC. So follow along on Instagram Stories for current updates on Wednesday mornings.  But I thought it might also be great to be able to
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7 months on Weight Watchers & A Few Tips

 Editor’s note: I’m so thrilled to share our family photos we had shot by Marla and Shane in Florida. It was our 12th anniversary gift to each other, and maybe my most favorite thing we’ve ever spent money on, ever. TAKE PHOTOS with your family – it’s worth it! August marked seven months since I
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Recipe: Weight Watchers protein breakfast

I’m not a food blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought if I enjoyed this, maybe you would too. Since I’ve been doing Weight Watchers, I’ve been exposed to a wealth of new ideas and recipes and my friend Marni shared this one with me for what is called refrigerator oatmeal. I KNOW
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