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Oh hey. You’re 37!

Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that we were, you know, 22 or 23?  And yet somehow, here we are. Today, October 17, 2017, you turn 37 and I’m so glad that you were born.  This past year has seen highs and lows, like every year, but there’s no one else I’d rather
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Jude in the City

Times, they be a-changing. In the four years since we first took Jude to Manhattan, he’s grown up in so many ways. I watched him on this particular trip, easily chatting with anybody who came in his path. And even though it was sweltering the first day, he was wrapped up in his favorite Seaside
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October Memories

This weekend was a mix of a basketball game for Jude, errands, cleaning house, and naps. We’re on the downhill slide of October and Jude turns nine next week. NINE. Halfway to eighteen. Which means, to a mother, that we’re halfway to him leaving the nest and I cannot even begin to consider this. In
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Happy 11th Anniversary, Simon

It’s our 11th anniversary today, Simon. ELEVEN YEARS. Gone in a blink of an eye, a batting of an eyelash. We’ve seen so much in these years together, and I’m consistently reminded of the image of iron sharpening iron. That’s what we are together. We’ve covered a lot of ground in our eleven years of marriage,
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