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In the bag: Boden

I’m launching a new series today – I love exploring different shops and editing down my favorites and so I’m kicking it off this month with Pencil Shavings Picks. (These aren’t necessarily sponsored posts, although affiliate links may be used.) Sometimes you just want an edited down version of the best of the best –
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Boot Up for Fall

Boots! Fall weather! Scarves!  It’s all on the horizon. I’m due for a boot upgrade this fall and I’ve got my virtual shopping carts full hither and yon.  And there are so. many. good. options and at every price point. I think I’ll grab those Gap ones ASAP. Such a great price! RAG & BONE
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Colorful Kilims & Turkish Rugs: Trend alert!

(source) I love seeing fresh interpretations of classic pieces. Turkish rugs, oushaks and kilims are no strangers to the rug scene, but it’s fun to see a fresh, modern spin in how they’re used. I’m particularly drawn to colorful versions (natch), but there are tons of these rugs in practically every color under the sun,
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Rompers for women who don’t want to feel like a Playboy bunny

Internet, in the same vein as Shorts for Girls Who Don’t Wear Shorts, allow me to tell you a tale of what my husband likes to call Man Repeller Outfits™. These are what can generally be categorized amongst women as She Looks So Cute!  but are frequently trends that make men scratch their heads. The romper/jumpsuit/overalls always
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