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Millennial pink is your new favorite nude

My new favorite nude hue for accessories is the pretty Millennial Pink. It’s surprising how far you can get with this particular color trend – a little warmer than a traditional nude, it’s an unexpected and versatile hue.  With my fair skin and red undertones, nude is often a tricky color for me to nail,
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In praise of the slip-on sneaker

The slip-on sneaker is my new favorite shoe right now when I want to feel a little more hip/casual. Which sounds pretty much the opposite of hip (21-year-old me would be dying of mortification). ANYWAY.  When you’re a little bit Fancy/Dressy but a little bit Sporty Spice, sometimes you want to slum it a bit
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My Personal Style: the showstopper shoe

This post is part of a series discussing how to define personal style. In these posts, I’m also defining the elements of my own personal style. Join along and chime in below! I’m excited to share one of my favorite elements of my personal style, the show stopper shoe.  What’s a show stopper? It’s that
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Fall Booties. Ugly word for a cute shoe.

There are a few words in fashion vocabulary that I absolutely despise. They are as follows: jeggings, jorts, and booties. Awful, all of them. Each of them is a word that makes me feel ridiculous when I say it out loud. So I might just refer to booties as, uh, short boots. Yeah. Who’s with
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