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4 colorful, memorable moments in New York City

Gucci chiavari chairs! Van Gogh Starry Night! Editor’s note: It feels like the whole world is going crazy, doesn’t it? Sometimes lately I feel like I can’t even listen to the news or social media. So many loud voices and loud feelings, right?  So I’m putting something out there that’s lovely and happy today.  Something
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New York City travel guide on what to do with kids in the big city (written from a boy mom's perspective)

NYC with Kids

Last week a reader requested that I put together an NYC with Kids post in light of our last trip to Manhattan with Jude (see my San Francisco with Kids post too!). I’m not the definitive guide here by any means, but I can tell you what for sure worked for our 8 year old
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Do you ever travel alone?

Have you ever traveled alone?

Internet, do you ever travel alone? As I planned my fall trip to New York over the summer, I was adamant to my darling husband: I was taking this trip ALONE. I think I kind of hurt his feelings a little bit in how firm I was about it. To be honest, I still kind of cringe when
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Better Homes & Gardens stylemaker workshop 2015 - #bhgstyle -

Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Event 2015

I’m fresh off my trip to NYC (and also Boston!) for the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker event this year (see previous events – 2013 and 2014) and my heart is just so full. It was a whirlwind trip that had me sitting in the airplane on the ride home feeling beyond lucky to have
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