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That time I won the wet tshirt contest at Carlton Landing

Internet, allow me to regale you with the Grand Tale of the 2017 Fourth of July in Carlton Landing. But first, allow me to back up a few weeks when we were sitting around the table with friends, discussing the upcoming Independence Day holiday. First, it began by everyone agreeing that we should throw an
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Creative Souvenir: Design-Loving Details from San Francisco

Do you buy souvenirs when you travel?  As a kid, I loved finding souvenirs when we’d travel — that perfect little memento to take home and remember what we’d seen — but souvenir shopping as a decor obsessed designer has taken on a different spin. Simon and I both love to check out cool little
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Merry Christmas, darlings

Well, we made it!  Hooray for Christmas. I hope you’re snuggled up with your families and staying warm, wherever you are. The presents are all wrapped and cookies are baked. Can’t wait to let Jude rip into his presents as we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Much love to each & every one of you!

Busyness of the Season

Are you relishing in the season or are you overwhelmed by the busyness? I find myself swept in the tide of the latter, but I’m making an attempt to enjoy each day as it comes. Isn’t it funny, though, how we can set ourselves up for failure by expecting perfection? There’s so much pressure, I
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