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Jaipur India - Gem Palace - Marie Anne Oudejans -

This is how you mix patterns & color

I’m currently obsessing over the work of Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejan (also the founder of Tocca, a line I’ve long admired). I’m always interested in the stories of multidisciplinary creatives. To me, design has never been about just one thing – I know, how very postmodern, right? It’s how the influence of one medium bleeds over
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@psstudio Spring Break on the Disney Fantasy. Cruise to the eastern Caribbean - travel with kids -

Tropical Color Inspiration

It’s spring break in our neck of the woods, and we’ve bailed on OKC for warmer weather in the Caribbean. I’ll be back next week with loads of fun photos and more design posts, but in the meantime here’s some tropical color inspiration to get you in the mood for warmer temps. I will, however,
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@psstudio's guide to using PInterest to understand your personal style by @psstudio

How to use Pinterest to better understand your personal style

Don’t you love a good how-to? Today it’s all about how to use Pinterest to better understand your personal style. As a designer and (obviously) a highly visual person, Pinterest is one of the best tools I have to keep me organized. Lots of people like to gripe about how Pinterest makes them feel bad
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Pencil Shavings Studio's favorite podcasts…

Do you listen to podcasts?

Two weeks ago, I got a new car(!) and now I am able to stream all of my music and stuff via Bluetooth to the sound system. This sounds like a “welcome to the 90s, Mr. Banks” kind of moment, I know. But it’s seriously changed my life! (Don’t I sound like I’m 90 years
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