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Recipe: Weight Watchers protein breakfast

I’m not a food blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought if I enjoyed this, maybe you would too. Since I’ve been doing Weight Watchers, I’ve been exposed to a wealth of new ideas and recipes and my friend Marni shared this one with me for what is called refrigerator oatmeal. I KNOW
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Cupid’s Donuts – A Valentine Treat

Over the weekend, I felt crafty and ambitions, and perhaps spurred on by the fact that I needed to bring a breakfasty item to Sunday School for a class brunch. Can I tell you something? I ADORE those inexpensive (and terribly bad for you) powdered donuts from the grocery store. I just die for them.
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In Between

I’m still not entirely sure that New Year’s happened. That’s what being sick over NYE will do to you; for all I know, it’s still 2012!  I’ve always been in my happy place –  that weeklong space  in between Christmas and New Year’s. The stress of Christmas is off but you still are in a
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The best pumpkin bread recipe ever - our family favorite -

The best pumpkin bread recipe ever

You guys, this is quite possibly the best pumpkin bread recipe ever. You cannot even mess this up. I can’t tell you the delight in my little food-lovin’ heart when I start seeing the cans of pumpkin on the shelves. And I am definitely NOT a food blogger, but this recipe is too good not to
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