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Stylish winter boots to keep those feet dry and stylish

In my shopping bag: stylish winter boots

I’ve kind of got a thing for winter boots. I spent most of the weekend in my Sorel Out ‘n About boots that did a fine job of keeping my feet nice ‘n dry, and handling all the muddy gravel roads in Carlton Landing. But it’s all about the hunt for the stylish ones that
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Fall Booties. Ugly word for a cute shoe.

There are a few words in fashion vocabulary that I absolutely despise. They are as follows: jeggings, jorts, and booties. Awful, all of them. Each of them is a word that makes me feel ridiculous when I say it out loud. So I might just refer to booties as, uh, short boots. Yeah. Who’s with
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Fashion Friday: Boots to Love

Anyone else jonesing for falll? I can’t wait to shimmy into skinny jeans, long sweaters, and boots! Here’s some that have caught my eye for fall. Frye’s Paige riding boot. I’ve never tried Fryes, but everybody seems to adore them. I’m sure I would too! I have serious boot lust for these Madewell Archive boots.
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Fashion Friday: Ready for Fall

Over the past few years, my tastes have started to evolve into really loving the fall fashion season.  I used to be a spring/summer kind of girl, but I’m learning how to layer and have fallen in love with boots, jackets and lean jeans.  Here’s some of my favorites for fall. My inspiration photo below.
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