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Running away to Carlton Landing

I thought it might be good to run away to Carlton Landing with my extended family so we could have some scheduled downtime together. Dad had only seen Carlton Landing once before on a daytrip when Archer was a newborn but this was time for a real actual getaway; he hadn’t been out of town in seven
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The angry eye & the time I didn’t let the baby have a lollipop

Back in March or early April, we had to plan out our summer and block off the dates we wanted for our lake house since it was already filling up with reservations. We didn’t want to miss out on the fun. And in my enthusiasm to get down there and kick off the summer in
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Carlton Landing: Feels Like Home

We’ve worked hard to keep our weekends reserved for Carlton Landing and with summer coming to a close, we only have a couple more weekends left until our fall obligations begin.  Simon remarked to me over the weekend that we’re finally able to relax at the lake house instead of just working on getting things
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Carlton Landing: paint is done, now on to floors

    Apologies in advance for the overabundance of lake house posts, but it’s kind of a big deal over here in our lives right now! Plus I know I’ll look back someday on all of these photos and remember the process. So humor me. 🙂     Last weekend we made a super fast
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