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Colorful Kilims & Turkish Rugs: Trend alert!

(source) I love seeing fresh interpretations of classic pieces. Turkish rugs, oushaks and kilims are no strangers to the rug scene, but it’s fun to see a fresh, modern spin in how they’re used. I’m particularly drawn to colorful versions (natch), but there are tons of these rugs in practically every color under the sun,
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Emily Ley Simplified Planners at Pencil Shavings Studio

I closed my shop & here’s what happened.

As you may know, I closed my shop on December 31st after 5 years of designing and manufacturing and styling and shopkeeping and tax-taking and pop-up-shopping and … well, you get the point. A few days after I made the formal announcement, I went into my favorite paperie here in Oklahoma City and I looked
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I’m closing my shop. Here’s why.

It was earlier in the year that I wrote my State of the Studio address in which I analyzed the direction I’d been coming from, but maybe more importantly the direction I was more interested in heading. I’ve spent the last 12 months in an anticipated and not unwelcome postpartum identity “crisis” (an overdramatic term by far)
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iPhone 6 Cases are in the Pencil Shavings Studio shop now!

Shop Update: iPhone 6 Cases Are Here!

I’ve been getting emails like crazy – when will the iPhone 6 cases be available? And I’m happy to say I finally have a good answer! I am now accepting orders for iPhone 6 cases. Sleek Cases will ship first week of October. Tough cases will ship mid-October. And the Tough cases will have a
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