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Beauty issues: cleansing oils and other uses for oils

Beauty: Cleansing Oils & Other Oxymorons

Have you ever used oil in your beauty regimen? At a routine eye appointment, my doctor (who incidentally has some pretty amazing skin. Also: her husband is a cosmetic surgeon so there’s that) told me that I needed to start using baby oil to remove my eye makeup because whatever I was using (makeup remover wipes) wasn’t cutting
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Pencil Shavings Studio & Mane Message

Not too long after opening my Etsy shop, I stumbled on Olivia Hayward’s shop called Mane Message. Her colorful collections of hand-dyed hair ties were right up my alley, and I ordered immediately. And then I ordered some more.  Now here we are 3 years later and we’re not only Etsy friends but we’re also
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Beachy Waves

Let’s wrap up this week of our trip to the beach with a pretty little sea-inspired hair tutorial, shall we? A few weeks ago I was invited over to the newest blow dry bar in Oklahoma City, aptly named Blo. As an aside, can I just say how thrilled I am that the blow dry
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Beauty for Blondes

Apologies to all brunettes and redheads:  today we’re talking about beauty for blondes. But maybe there will be a few good picks in here for you darker-haired lovelies too. Can I tell you something? Makeup is an area where I feel like I’m always on uneven footing. Haven’t we all felt somewhat duped by makeup
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