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6 Color-Loving Artists To Follow

I love finding new-to-me artists and artwork is more accessible than ever. The common thread to most of these is a bold use of color and an individualistic point of view. DOROTHY SHAIN GESCHARDT HENRIK SORENSEN CHAD WYS CAROLYN GAVIN

7 Magic Mountains

Last week I stole away to Las Vegas to meet Simon for a few days of R&R and it was just what I needed after a pretty harrowing month. It’s been a few years since I’ve been and I’d forgotten how fab it is to hole up in a fabulous hotel room, lounge at the
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Framed Hermes silk scarf roundup - @psstudio -

Fashion as Art: Framed Hermes Scarf

Don’t laugh, but one thing that caught my eye a few years ago on our Disney cruise were a couple of stunning framed scarves. At first I didn’t realize that was what they were – but upon closer inspection I realized that they were enormous Hermes silk squares in the most intricate patterns depicting Versailles and
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Carter Kustera silhouette portraits - silhouette portraits - colorful artwork - thibaut wallpaper - at Pencil Shavings Studio

Carter Kustera & Pencil Shavings Studio

Are you familiar with silhouette artist Carter Kustera? He’s done some pretty stellar work (um, hello, Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan — quite possibly my most favorite Pin ever) and is famous for his colorful spin on the classic silhouette portrait. Growing up, we had those hand-cut black paper silhouettes hanging in the hallway in little
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