Backpacks are more stylish and chicer than ever. A roundup of great backpacks for grownups -

Backpacks: do or don’t?

Since it’s back to school week here at le blog, we can’t overlook backpacks, can we? Remember back in the ’90s, when backpacks were a thing? I had a woven
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The prettiest school supplies for grown-ups -

11 pretty school supplies to buy now (yes, you!)

Ohhh I adore pretty school supplies! They’re so much better now than when we were kids in school, am I right?  As much as I loved school, I definitely don’t
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san francisco ephemera pencil shavings flatlay-4

Anxiety Sucks

It’s back to school week here and we’re all taking a collective deep breath as we renegotiate the schoolyear routine and schedule. I’ve been a little nervous about the transition,
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dark green kitchen

This is the chicest decor trend yet for fall

Decor trends (as well as design in general) are always a response or reaction to something. Why do we see skinny jeans become popular for years only for wide-leg flares to
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