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Invitation Design: Cleats & Cocktails

For two years now, I’ve been working with the Wes Welker Foundation to create the printed materials for their annual Cleats & Cocktails gala. The foundation provides sporting equipment and gear to at-risk youth in the Oklahoma City area. This year was the tenth anniversary of their event, and the theme was Diamonds in the Turf.
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Pencil Shavings Studio Sprinkles Medium Lucite Tray with crazy stripe iPhone case -

9 Years of Pencil Shavings

Happy Birthday, Pencil Shavings Studio. Nine years ago in April of 2008, I started blogging regularly after a stop-start of posts that date back to 2006(!). I’d been a graphic designer for a few years at that point, working for a tiny apparel company and then eventually running my own little studio (party of 1!).
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The brand new sweets & treats food truck at Carlton Landing was branded by Pencil Shavings Studio, including these fun bright stickers. Located by the boat dock at Lake Eufaula, it's housed in a portable vintage trailer.

Branding: Straw & Spoon | Carlton Landing

It’s Tuesday, which means the worst of the week is over thanks to Labor Day. On Friday, we drove down to Carlton Landing by way of the pediatrician since Jude was complaining about his ear hurting. No use in suffering all weekend with an ear infection, so it was off to the ped Simon went.
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Tour: Uptown Candy

Over ten years ago as a graphic design student, I dreamed of getting to work on certain kinds of projects. I realize now that I was envisioning my ideal client – creatives, people not afraid of color, bold thinkers – and working on Uptown Candy was one of those experiences. A sister store to Uptown
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