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carlton landing easter 2016-19

Carlton Landing: Easter 2016

Spring! Spring! Spriiiiiiiiiiing!!! Can you feel it? We spent the weekend in Carlton Landing for Easter and it was absolutely glorious. It’s funny, it’s almost been 2 years since we bought our house here and so much has changed. Not only in our own little family but in the community overall. With Archer walking now,
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Herschel polka dot chambray overnight bag

Carlton Landing New Year’s

Happy New Year! Hooray for a fresh new start and a clean slate.  I’m sad to see Christmas break go, to be honest. I was commiserating with other mom friends from Jude’s school and we all lament the return to homework and carpool and craziness. Whyyyy so much homework in 2nd grade?! They’re only babies! Eight year
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Carlton Landing: A mental health thanksgiving

After the rocky month and a half we’ve had, Thanksgiving was the last thing on my mind. I told Simon I wanted to skip it, to be honest. Not that we weren’t grateful or didn’t have things to give thanks for. On the contrary! In fact, we have more than ever to be thankful for.
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Jude’s 8th Birthday, Halloween, & Nerf Guns at Carlton Landing

Last week blew by in a blur of nursing home tours, hospital visits, a night spent with my Mom at the nursing facility, parent teacher conferences, a counseling session (because when the going gets tough, get yourself to talk to someone), and wrapped up with Jude’s eighth birthday party. I won’t lie – it was
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