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Gift guide: your unconventional friend who’s going to write the most interesting autobiography someday

Today’s gift guide is one of my favorites (see vol 1 and vol 2). I envision the girl who would love any of these items is that kooky personality who always puts together the most outlandish things but always looks chic. She tells the craziest stories and you know it’s going to make the most
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Colorful jackets and coats make the dreariest winter a little more bearable thanks to their cheery hues. A happy roundup of pretty womens coats to get you through the winter doldrums.

6 Colorful Jackets & Coats to Grab Now

It’s probably no big surprise that I adore a colorful jacket.  Sure, anyone can find a khaki or black coat to bundle up against the blustery weather, but why not take it to the next level with one of these rainbow-hued lovelies?  I’ve got a gorgeous mustard colored wool trench coat from J.Crew from several seasons ago
Continue Reading → Number one trend to try this fall: peplum! The surprisingly flattering and versatile silhouette that works on almost every body type.

Peplum EVERYTHING: the prettiest fall trend

Peplum tops are my newest obsession for fall and I’ll admit that at first, I wasn’t sure if this silhouette would work with my pear shape. I mean, the last thing I want to do is attract MORE attention to my hips and rear. But I was pleasantly surprised that this trend is super flattering
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Backpacks are more stylish and chicer than ever. A roundup of great backpacks for grownups -

Backpacks: do or don’t?

Since it’s back to school week here at le blog, we can’t overlook backpacks, can we? Remember back in the ’90s, when backpacks were a thing? I had a woven one from The Sak and I felt so crazy cool. Drew Barrymore was a style icon, grunge was about to be on its way out,
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